Team Drivers

Brandon Barnes

I live in South Texas, so we have all kinds of terrain to enjoy! From epic high speed beach shredding, the track, the river or gnarly crawl spots...Texas has it all.

I've been into RC since i was a kid! I took a long break to pursue motocross, quad racing and sport bike racing. This is a similar outlet, without all the pain!

I work in the oil and gas industry, building specialized equipment for the refineries. I mean...rc cars don't grow on trees!

I am extremely proud to be a part of this awesome Team! Team Pushrod 3D!!!

Brandt Miller

32 years old 

Dayton, Ohio
Enjoys: RC of all kinds, helping and meeting others in the hobby,  bicycles, traveling, hiking, relaxing, jeeps
Favorite rig: anything with leaf springs 
Oscar Ramirez
Hey there, I'm Oscar. I am a 35 year old kid that never grew up. I've been into the RC hobby off and on for over 20 years. At the time my choice sectors of the hobby include scale rock crawling, rock racing, tiny whoop FPV flying and of course No Prep Drag Racing. From go fast to creep slow, if it has a remote for it I'm game! 
I am a father of 3 boys, two of which are on the autism spectrum. I am blessed to have all 3 of them in the hobby with me. I love playing with tiny trucks but honestly I enjoy building with my kids more than anything. My sons have been a huge influence in creating a group helping children with autism. We are huge advocates of Autism awareness. 
During the day I work in a field helping protect our ozone layer by minimizing a carbon footprint created by Refrigeration gas. We are very proud to have the largest company in the world working on one goal. To protect and heal our amazing earth. 
Tony Sposato

I’ve been in the hobby for over two years. 
My first truck was a SCX 10 ii and since then I’ve had Ascenders and Trail Finders. 
I enjoy crawlin’ in the local state parks on Sundays. 
My favorite thing about the hobby is being able to meet new people and hang out with some great friends. 
When I’m not crawlin’ I’m spending time with my friends and family. 

Brandon Tomy

I am a proud husband who married his high school sweetheart. My wife has been my backbone and my support since we were kids. We love to travel abroad as often as possible, the
Caribbean being one of our favorite destinations. My mom raised me to be humble with a strong moral compass. Her drive to provide for me as a young man taught me what it means to set goals and push through them. She’s a strong woman and taught me at an early age that everyone is equal. I believe this is where my inspiration for #AllInclusiveNonExclusive came from.
Although I was raised as an only child, I later found out that I am the middle of 5 siblings. I connected with them in 2010 and we’ve spent as much time since making up for lost time. Our bond has grown to be so strong, it’s not uncommon to hear that people think we were all raised together. My siblings have blessed me with many nieces and nephews. My nephew JayVonnie was diagnosed on the spectrum and, has quickly joined the group of amazing kids who inspire us to push through our mission to raise awareness. I am a member of the Suisun Masonic Lodge in Fairfield, CA, and sat as Master of the lodge in 2014, earning me the title of Past Master, Suisun Lodge #55. Masonry has been a huge part of my life allowing me the opportunity to give back and become a better man.

I've been into RC for many years of my life, but have only gotten into scale crawling since 2015. I love the RC Hobby and I am a true believer in #OneRCCommunity. ASD Crawlers as well as the mission we stand behind has truly allowed me to meet some great people, I'm excited to watch our community continue to grow in the future. I enjoy helping people out both on and off the trail. When I'm not being hubby, crawling, or promoting Awareness through ASD Crawlers, I am hiking and fishing in the mountains.