Voltmeter Welder


Now one of our most popular items is even more functional and killer looking than ever before! Our Voltmeter Welder, or VoltWelder comes fully loaded with scale grounding clamp, welding nozzle, a carrying handle and a FUNCTIONAL Voltmeter to monitor your battery’s voltage while out on the trail. SUPER easy battery management at a quick glance so you never get caught with a dead battery just when you need that extra bit of juice.  This is not only a convenience feature, but it’s also crucial for the safety and long life of your batteries. Save your investment and pick up one of these today!  Electrical components will ship with conformal coating applied for extra water resistance so you can rest easy knowing you’ll still be able to read your battery’s voltage even when wet. Voltmeter terminated with a JST Connector from the factory.  Welder body measures roughly 48mm x 29mm x 37mm.


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