Sand Ramp Mounting System


-Pushrod 3D is proud to announce 3 different industry-first sand ramp mounting solutions designed specifically for your Pushrod 3d 1/10 scale sand ramps.
-These mounting brackets come with all the hardware necessary for installation on most tube frame or flat surfaces like a bed-mounted toolbox or truck bed floor.
-Printed in Durable and Tough Carbon Nylon, these mounts will take a licking and keep on kicking! With the durable, yet easy to manipulate flip locks, you can easily stow and remove your sand ramps without the use of drivers or wrenches, and without compromising your competitive advantage (by using H.O.G.)

Pushrod original Sand Ramp Mounts come in 3 varieties:
3/16″ tube mounts – 3/16″ tubing is one of the most popular stock sizes used in custom 1/10 scale RC cages, roll bars and bumpers.
Axial, Pro-Line factory plastic cages – Axial and Pro-line factory tube cage and roll bar diameter are very popular, so we designed a set of mounts for those running the factory cages!
Flat Surface Mounts – Designed to have the same easy-to-use functionality and the rigorous durability you’ve come to expect from PUSHROD3D products.

If you’ve been waiting for these mounts to try out our Super scale 1/10 Sand Ramps, you need wait no longer! We’re offering a bundle deal: Save when you purchase a set of sand ramps with a set of our Sand Ramp Mounts! ($1.00 value).


Add both items to the cart and use code: MOUNTKIT at checkout in order to receive the discount.


Here are some details about the sand ramps, which have been slightly redesigned to better fit the new mounting system. Older versions will still work with the mounts, but may require slightly enlarging the hand holes for easy storage and removal.

Each ramp measures:

L: 6 7/8″ / 148mm

W: 1 11/16″ / 43mm

H: 1/4″ / 8mm

As with all of our products, we stand behind these mounts. We’ve tested these for months in order to maximize strength and functionality, but if you have any problems, reach out to us and we’ll make it right!!


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3/16" Tube Mounts, Axial/Pro-Line/Element RC Plastic Tube Mounts, Surface Mounts


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